Just Shred

“I’m going to keep you babe, no matter what.”

I lean forward on my snowboard trying to loosen the straps, shit why am I moving?  The board tips forward and my right foot glides in front.

“How the hell do you stop?” I scream. “Fuck,” I swear out loud. I can’t remember what to do, it’s like I’m paralyzed, and I’m gaining speed. “This is not happening,” I yell at the top of my lungs, as a little hill dooms up in front of me. I can’t help suppress a scream when I gain more and more speed. My hands flap in the air around me, but there is nothing and no one, not even a freaking tree to hold onto. This is it, last time anyone hears from me before I fly off into oblivion.

I close my eyes bracing for impact before I will be catapulted into the air from the tiny hill. I open them when someone wraps an arm around my waist. Board in perfect alignment next to mine. Before I know it the guy leans backwards flashing me an earth shattering smile, and whisks his board to the right.

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